Our values

Code is a liability, experience is an asset. Technology itself is never the solution. It's a tool to deliver business value. We start from the business question and we iterate fast to find the right solution. We refactor our code constantly as we build experience.

You know nothing until you've deployed to production. Way too often, we've seen complex features being designed and built without user involvement, which never gets adopted. We aim to get a minimum version live as soon as possible, because you learn the most from client feedback.

We tell the truth as we see it. We want to help clients in the long term. That means that sometimes we have to deliver messages that the client doesn't want to hear. In those discussions, we always put the client's interest ahead of our own.

Our team

We are a group of passionate geeks working in the area of Data Engineering.

Kris Peeters


Pascal Knapen


Maikel Peeters

Operations & Business Development

Mathias Lavaert

Data engineer

Alexander Van Loock

Data engineer

Oliver Willekens

Data scientist

Beth Kenyon

Office manager

Kristof Martens

Data engineer

Gergely Soti

Data engineer

Pedro Santos

Data engineer

Michiel Dhadamus

Data engineer

Stijn De Haes

Data engineer

David Javakhishvili

Data engineer

Our process

We are strong believers of Lean and Agile development. That means that we build a product in many small iterations.


We build the next iteration. The end-result is a working product containing the most important features at that moment.


We sit together with the client to discuss results and check progress. We track the usage of our solution.


We learn from our experiences during the last iteration to decide what to focus on for the next iteration.