So it begins

Sunday, Aug 31st, 2014

We are Data Minded, a small and dedicated team of geeks. Through the use of advanced analytics, we strive to give our clients actionable insight in their data. That might sound a bit abstract. It means we want to use the brightest minds and the best data technologies available today, to solve some of the hardest business challenges. Over the coming months and years, we hope to show you what that looks like.

We are already working together with a few selected clients in the energy and the e-commerce sector. And we've got a few of our own projects going. Check out our portfolio for more info. If you would like to be one of our first clients, get in touch through

Over the weekend, we worked hard to get the site up-and-running. I hope you like it. We're always open to feedback, on the site and on the concept.

Data architect

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