Telco Big Data platform

Telcos are one of the early adopters of Big Data. They crunch massive amounts of data to maintain an edge in a very competitive landscape.

Bio-tech architecture

An exciting bio-tech startup asked us to improve at their data architecture. Here's how we helped.

Survey analytics

Surveys carry a lot of valuable data. Especially if you survey top executives. What did we find in the results?

Sensor data ingestion

Sensors generate vast amounts of data. We built a fast, scalable and cost-effective solution to ingest all sensor outputs.

Yield Prediction

How much energy will your solar panels produce tomorrow? Data Minded answered that question for a client in the energy sector.

E-commerce analytics

For a Digital Marketing agency, we leveraged Google Analytics data to understand the drivers of revenue of one of their clients.

Elections visualisation

It's hard to separate the signal from the noise in politics. For the 2014 Belgian elections, we released a simple tool to compare the Flemish party programs.

Personal cluster

In an effort to bring Big Data Analytics closer to our clients, Data Minded is working on a portable, yet powerful cluster-in-a-box.

World Economic Forum

Summarise a 300+ pages Global Information Technology Report in one interactive chart. Challenge accepted.