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Elections visualisation

Belgium is actually quite a small country. Ask a random friend to point to Belgium on a blank map, and you may as well end up in … the Netherlands. For being such a small country, we are quite rich in political parties. Every four years elections are organised and each political party tries to score with smart one-liners and big promises in the press. But what are their actual point-of-views? What is written in their actual programs?

We — at Data Minded — are not just data-geeks, we are also socially committed. However, we do not have the time to read all these programs thoroughly. So Kris, our founder and data architect, came up with a nice idea to visualize the content of the different programs and make it easy to visually compare them. He downloaded all programs and used a script to analyse the number of times a certain word was present in each program. Mentioning a subject is one thing. What's your standpoint in the matter? In the tool, you can easily click on a data point in the chart to show the relevant paragraphs in the party programs.

Kris started sharing his tool with family and friends on social media: the ‘Kris Peeters-Tool’ was born. Now you should know, Peeters —in Belgium — is quite a common family name. And by coincidence, the flemish prime minister is also called Kris Peeters. It did not take long before the media picked up Kris’ handy tool and shared a link to it: http://www.deredactie.be/permalink/1.1969362

Should you want to try out the tool yourself, you can still find it online here: http://www.programmas14.be/