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Survey analytics

In collaboration with a Strategic Innovation consultancy, we analysed survey results for a major information services company. The survey targeted C-level executives and the goal was to understand the company's position in innovation.

We were looking for answers for several questions. In which areas is the client scoring well? Which areas offer room for improvement? Are the executives internally aligned on where they are? Based on these results, which action do we take, if any?

The biggest challenge in this project was communication of results. How do we communicate our findings back to decision-makers at the client? Surely, we don't want to throw raw data at them. On the other hand, simply returning a set of answers would leave them with even more questions. "How did you come up with this conclusion?" "What is your supporting evidence?"

Effectively communicating an analysis is just as important as the analysis itself. After all, it doesn't matter what we learn from the data if we can't get those findings across to the client. Amongst other things, we built a heatmap to communicate our insights to the client. Read more about the fine details in this blog post.