Who Should Attend?

This data engineering for software engineers course is designed for software engineers that are keen on learning what it takes to store and process data in all sizes, types and frequencies.

Course Prerequisites

Attendees should be familiar with traditional programming languages like C/C++ or Java. No prior knowledge of big data technologies or distributed computing is required.

Course Duration

Three days.

Course Learnings

  • What are the different components of a big data/analytics solution?
  • What are the key big data technologies?
  • How should I design and setup distributed computing?
  • What are the cloud vs. on-premise possibilities & limitations?
  • What is a typical development lifecycle for data type of projects?
  • How do I make a test-driven design?
  • How do I debug code/data pipelines?
  • How can I introduce open source technology into my existing technical landscape?
  • How to write production-grade code?
  • Spark computational model and APIs using Scala!
  • Intermediate Python and Spark (data processing, analytics libraries, etc.)!

Hands-on exercises

Throughout the course, hands-on exercises reinforce the topics being discussed.